The Catholic University of America

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are intended to address on-campus parking and transportation as it relates to and is affected by the University energy project.  For more information on the project, please visit the Energy Project website.  If you have questions relating to parking and transportation that are not listed below, or need clarification, please visit the Office of Transportation and Parking Services, located in the Pryzbyla Center Room 242, or call (202) 552-PARK (7275).

1.    Why is Pangborn parking lot closing and will it reopen?

Pangborn parking lot will be used as a staging area for construction vehicles, equipment, delivery vehicles, and construction materials throughout the entirety of the campus energy project.  At this time, the plan is to reopen Pangborn parking lot upon completion of the energy project.

2.   Where is Pangborn Road and when will it close?

Pangborn Road is the roadway between McCort-Ward / Gowan Halls and Pangborn Hall.  This section of roadway is closed for excavation and installation of utility lines.  Pangborn Road will be reconstructed as a pedestrian path, closed to all non-emergency vehicular traffic.

Vehicles attempting to access Michigan Avenue from John McCormack Road will be redirected to use Harewood Road instead.  Vehicles seeking to drop passengers at the Brookland/CUA Metro Station should access John McCormack Road off Michigan Avenue heading north.  Please note that vehicles travelling south on John McCormack Road towards the Brookland/CUA Metro Station will be required to turn around in the Columbus School of Law circle or immediately after in the roadway leading to the University garage entrance.

3.    Have you considered allowing vehicles to exit onto Michigan Avenue from John McCormack Road?

Yes, we have considered this, but the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) makes this determination, as John McCormack Road is not a University roadway.

4.    How will road closures and changing traffic patterns affect the campus shuttle service?

Shuttle routes will be periodically modified and posted as construction impacts existing routes.  Communication related to changes in shuttle routes and parking restrictions will be provided on both the Energy Project website and the Transportation and Parking website

5.    I am a Faculty/Staff member.  What transportation benefits are available to me through HR?

HR offers SmartBenefits, which allow CUA employees to withhold money each month pre-tax to ride Metrorail and Metrobus, as well as to pay for parking at Metro-operated parking lots.  For more information, visit

6.    Will arrangements be made to permit parking in the Shrine parking lot during the campus energy project?

Not at this time.  We encourage members of the University community to park in campus facilities.  Comparable alternatives to the Shrine parking lot on-campus include the O’Boyle parking lot, Marist parking lot, and the DuFour parking lot.  The University shuttle will provide transportation to and from these parking lots.

7.    How are you ensuring accessible pathways and routes throughout this period of dynamic closures?

Safety and accessibility are at the forefront of this project.  Transportation and Parking Services, Public Safety, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, Disability Support Services, and others are working to ensure that we promote the best possible routes of travel permitted by each phase of the project. 

Should you have any questions regarding transportation and parking on campus, please visit the Office of Transportation and Parking Services in the Pryzbyla Center Room 242, or call (202) 552-PARK (7275).